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Growing Forward 2 offers:
1. Workshops and assessments to gain knowledge and develop Action Plans at no cost.
2. Funding assistance to build capacity (e.g. skills and training, planning and assessment) and to implement projects.

Choose what you need to grow your business and start today.
Enrol: ontario.ca/growingforward2
Call: 1-877-424-1300

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The microFIT Program began accepting version 3.0 applications August 28 – final program documents are available here for your review. A 30 megawatt (MW) procurement target is now in effect for the remainder of 2013.

The OPA will accept applications until either the 30 MW microFIT procurement target is reached, or December 31, 2013. At that point the OPA will begin accepting applications under the 2014 50 MW procurement target. Any unused capacity from the 30 MW procurement target will be added to the 2014 50 MW procurement target.

The OPA will review all applications that are submitted to ensure they are complete, eligible and contain all required information.

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