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Pricing Corn Silage In 2014

“What’s corn silage going to be worth this year?” Corn development is delayed for a significant portion of the crop and could be at risk of frost. Farmers may be looking at salvaging frost damaged corn that… – See more at:  Crop Talk


field corn

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Growing Forward 2 Application Deadlines

Producers and Processors:

The next Implementation Application Intake for producers and processors will open on November 10, 2014 and close on December 11, 2014. Please note that the Capacity application stream is still open.
More information and application forms>>

Organizations and Collaborations:
The final 2014 Growing Forward 2 (GF2) application deadline is October 16, 2014. The 2015 deadlines will be available on the AAC website mid-December.

Before submitting an application to the AAC, organizations and collaborations should first review the Capacity Building and Project Implementation program guides. Next, AAC encourages applicants to complete a pre-proposal and submit it to: info@adaptcouncil.org. Full GF2 applications are due on the deadline dates listed on the AAC website. Capacity building funding requests $20,000 and under are accepted on an ongoing basis and reviewed within 20 business days.

Click here for further GF2 information and to access application templates. Applicants are encouraged to download the most recent version of the templates from the AAC website prior to starting a new application.

Click here to see the listing of the AAC approved GF2 projects.

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Lease agreements – Land leases

Leasing and renting land are common practices in rural Ontario. The high capital cost of land makes leasing an attractive alternative to ownership. This Factsheet addresses the general issues to consider when entering into a leasing agreement.


Lease agreements – Crop Share Leases

Leasing and renting land is a common practice in rural Ontario. The types of rental arrangements for cropland vary widely throughout the province, as do the relationships between landlords and tenants. What is desirable or fair for one particular landlord-tenant relationship is not acceptable for others. The purpose of this Factsheet is to help tenants and landlords develop fair crop share lease agreements and help them make sound decisions.


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Agri-food Management Institute dedicated to boosting prosperous agribusinesses
Ontario’s leading promoter of best agribusiness management practices for agri-food and agri-based producers and processors announced Wednesday that it will now operate under the name Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) to more accurately reflect its mandate.

Formerly called the Agricultural Management Institute, AMI has served Ontario farmers, farm families and their advisors as a go-to organization for business management resources, tools, and training since 2009. In the past year, AMI has broadened its mandate to serve not only food producers, but also food processors with the management resources they need to build prosperous businesses.

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