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Many Ontario Fields Don’t Need Neonicotinoid Treated Seeds


Assess Your Risk for Early Season Insect Damage

     Fill out the Pest Evaluation Checklist for Corn or Soybean for your farm at ontario.ca/bx1n

     Use this Pest Evaluation Checklist to target the use of insecticide seed treatments on corn and soybean seed for fields with identified risks. 

     Use the Guide to Early Season Field Crop Pests for more information on pest identification, scouting techniques and integrated pest
management strategies at http://www.gfo.ca/pestguide

     Find out what corn hybrids are available with fungicide-only seed treatment for the 2015 Ontario Season at ontario.ca/bx1n

Find out if non neonicotinoid treated seeds are an option for you by vcorn and soybean seedisiting:  ontario.ca/bx1n

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