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Ontario has launched its first-ever Local Food Report, which measures the province’s progress in bringing local food to more tables across the province.

The first ever Local Food Report highlights some of the actions taken by the province and the agri-food sector to promote and celebrate local food this year.


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International Trade

Ontario’s top exports are: Grain products ($2.6 billion), Vegetables ($1.2 billion) and Red Meats ($1.0 billion). Ontario’s top imports are Fruit and Nuts ($3.5 million), Vegetables ($2.5 billion) and Edible Preparations ($$2.2 billion). http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/stats/trade/commod.htm

In 2014, Ontario’s major export partner is US (74%) followed by Asia (excl. Japan) (10%) and EU (7%).

Ontario’s 2014 exports to the US include Grain Products (27%) and Vegetables (11%).

Ontario’s top exports to Asia are Other Animal Products (30%) and Oilseeds (21%).


Ontario exported 1.2 million of live pigs in 2014, a 15% increase from 1.0 million in 2013. Live cattle exports declined by 2% since 2013 to 147.9 thousand in 2014.

In 2014 Ontario exported 153.3 thousand tonnes of fresh and frozen pork, a 6% decline from 163.1 thousand tonnes in 2013. Exports of beef increased from 52.3 thousand tonnes in 2013 to 59.8 thousand tonnes in 2014.


The US is the main destination of Ontario live cattle at 98% of total live cattle exports, cows and heifers for slaughter constitute 54% and 21% respectively.

Majority of Ontario live hog exports are designated for US markets (99.9%). The top exports are pigs under 7kg (468 thousand), pigs over 50kg (311 thousand) and pigs 7kg to 23 kg (269 thousand).


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