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Arnie Strub brings processing experience to role in agri-food business management

The Agri-food Management Institute (AMI), Ontario’s leading promoter of best agribusiness management practices for agri-food and agri-based producers and processors, introduces Mr. Arnie Strub, as their newly appointed Executive Director.


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Business management resource sheets

New business management resource sheets are available for farmers and food and beverage processors. Topics include human resources, succession planning, education, and collaboration. These resources are available for download at TakeANewApproach.ca/Management-Sheets. To request high-quality print copies, contact the AMI office by calling 519-822-6618.

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Agri-food Management Institute dedicated to boosting prosperous agribusinesses
Ontario’s leading promoter of best agribusiness management practices for agri-food and agri-based producers and processors announced Wednesday that it will now operate under the name Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) to more accurately reflect its mandate.

Formerly called the Agricultural Management Institute, AMI has served Ontario farmers, farm families and their advisors as a go-to organization for business management resources, tools, and training since 2009. In the past year, AMI has broadened its mandate to serve not only food producers, but also food processors with the management resources they need to build prosperous businesses.

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GUELPH, April 29, 2014 -Ontario farmers and processors have a new tool to measure current business performance and help build an action plan for greater success. The Agricultural Management Institute’s (AMI) Business Score Card is an online business assessment tool developed for farmers and processors to help them to:

  • Identify business management strengths, weaknesses and gaps
  • Develop action plans to improve business management performance
  • Provide clear direction towards resources that can help their business

“The Business Score Card will deliver great benefits for farmers and processors,” says Ryan Koeslag, AMI executive director. “It will help them gain a greater understanding of their business strengths and weaknesses; help assess current systems, knowledge and skills; and prioritize areas for improvement.”

Participants are required to answer a short series of questions on 10 different business management focus areas. These focus areas include: strategy/leadership, customers/markets, production, suppliers, finances, information systems, people, risks, responsibilities and succession planning.

In addition, the tool prompts users to create an action plan for each business area to help them address any management gaps that have been identified. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the assessment. When completed, participants instantly receive a report detailing the assessment results,priority rankings, action plans and recommended resources based on the identified priorities and opportunities for improvement.

“We believe it can have a bottom line impact. It will help farmers and processors achieve better efficiency and profitability,” adds Koeslag. To use the Business Score Card, visit the AMI website at www.takeanewapproach.ca. The launch of the Business Score Card is part of AMI’s work to support the unique business management needs of Ontario’s farmers as well as agrifood and agriproduct processors. Human resources and business succession toolkits are also available.

For more information:
Ryan Koeslag
Agricultural Management Institute
120 Research Lane, Suite 200
Guelph, Ontario N1G 0B4
Office: 519-822-6618
Fax: 519-821-7361



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The Ontario agricultural industry is encouraged to apply to the AMI’s Business Management Speaker and Event Funding.  Any registered organization, agency, association, community group, institution, university, college, group located in Ontario may apply for a maximum of $5,000 to cover the costs associated with organizing or bringing a business management speaker to an Ontario event.  This funding is open to agrifood and agriproducts businesses including a focus on farm businesses.

Event Objectives:
In order to be considered for the Business Management Event and Speaker funding, the event should be geared towards the Ontario agricultural industry and must contribute to one or more of the following objectives:

•Demonstrate the benefits of business management and planning: marketing, business plan creation and improvement, cost of production;
•Address business management gaps and opportunities using business advisors: multidisciplinary training, interpersonal development, awareness and utilisation of advisors;
•Foster the development of producers working cooperatively, sharing beneficial business management practices and innovations through business to business collaboration in the context of building value chains: business to business group development, business clubs or advisory groups, benchmarking, food and agriproduct chain collaboration and innovation;
•Encourage business operators to begin or continue to develop a succession plan for their business: farm or business transfers, relationship building, advisor utilisation;
•Support the use and/or development of applicable business management information, products, services, resources or training for new entrants that enhance decisions making and farm profitability: tools for starting a business, programs and training.
•Develop skills and tools to better manage a team through human resource management: leading business improvement, time management, employee management resources


Agricultural Management Institute logo

Agricultural Management Institute logo

Agricultural Management Institute
200-120 Research Lane
Guelph, Ontario
N1G 0B4
Phone: 519-822-6618
Fax: 519-821-7361

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