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Register on-line for Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) and Growing Your Farm Profits (GYFP) workshops by clicking on the link below to find dates and locations that suit you.


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The Greenhouse Farm Incentive Program (GHFIP) offers funding to complete farm projects that will strengthen your operation while supporting grassland birds. These species rely heavily on the meadows, pastures and hay fields provided by local agricultural operations. For ground-nesting birds such as Bobolink, the period between mid-May and mid-July is most critical for nesting success. GHFIP aims to support farmers who provide this habitat by strengthening existing agricultural management practices. This innovative program relies on a competitive bid system and environmental benefit index to identify and reward proposed projects that show the greatest environmental merit for the government dollars invested. Things you will need to complete an application:

  •    details on what projects you would like to complete and how much they will cost;
  •     a detailed site sketch or aerial photograph/map of your operation (in an electronic format) with pasture and hay fields clearly identified;
  •     knowledge of vegetation in your fields;
  •     information on your grazing management system.

To be eligible for GHFIP you must have a valid Farm Business Registration Number, a current Environmental Farm Plan deemed appropriate through peer review, an active email address and access to high-speed internet. The application process for GHFIP will be online only.

GHFIP aims to support farmers who provide this habitat by strengthening existing agricultural management practices such as:

  •     removing invasive alien plant species and invading trees and shrubs from pastures;
  •     re-engaging abandoned areas of the property into grazing;
  •     establishing rotational grazing systems through increased fencing;
  •     providing alternative watering options for livestock;
  •     improving stream crossings;
  •     retiring marginal lands into native grasslands;
  •     managing forage harvest to support grassland species.

No set cost-share rates or category caps apply to this program; this allows you to tell us how much funding is required to complete various projects. The competitive bid process provides an opportunity to justify costs while competing against other applicants to identify the unique benefits your projects provide.

See the brochure for more details.


MAY 15, 2013 is the deadline for submission of GHFIP bid packages.

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