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The Ministry of Labour has released a consultation paper regarding the development of Ontario’s first province-wide occupational health and safety strategy.  The paper is meant to generate discussion and collect feedback and ideas on how to move forward on the development of a strategy that will establish a clear vision, goals and priorities that will guide the health and safety system partners in their work in the years ahead.


The Ministry is seeking your input.  You may provide feedback on some or all questions in the consultation paper. Additional comments can be sent to Preventionconsultation@ontario.ca

 There are two versions of the consultation paper: 

  1. A detailed consultation paper available at http://www.labour.gov.on.ca/english/hs/prevention/strategy/index.php


  • A shorter version of the paper, directed at those stakeholders who may not normally become involved in such consultation processes.  It is available in 17 different languages and focuses on the issues that they may find most important:
  • Addressing the needs of vulnerable workers;
  • Supporting small businesses;
  • Support for high hazard activities; and
  • Effective support for workplace parties.



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Between 2007 and 2011, barn fires across Ontario accounted for over $175 million in property loss. The OFM would like to remind the fire service of the farm fire safety tips and resources it has developed in recent years, and urge fire departments to use these resources to help prevent fires on farm properties in your communities.

The attached public information card outlines farm fire safety tips and can be ordered using the public education materials order form that is attached.

Also attached are a farm fire safety checklist and a farm fire safety information sheet that can be posted on your fire department’s website and/or distributed in your community to raise public awareness about farm fire safety.

These resources can be downloaded from the OFM’s public education resources website. To access the website, click here and enter PEP as the username and PEP001 as the password.  Click on the “Shared Documents” link in the upper left corner, then open the “Farm Fire Safety” folder.

Also, in 2010 the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food developed a resource entitled “Reducing the Risk of Fire on Your Farm”.  The resource includes strategies to reduce the impact of fires on farms. It is available on the Ministry’s website.

Your feedback is always welcome! Email the OFM’s Public Fire Safety Education section or phone (416-325-3100) if you have questions about public education in your community. Let us know about specific programs that work well in your community or specific public education topics you would like addressed in an upcoming notice.

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