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The following three Excel based margin calculators are now available as free downloads at http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/busdev/directfarmmkt/index.html   which allow producers to compare and calculate their margins for selling directly to consumers:

  • The Performance Analysis by Marketing Channel spreadsheet allows users to calculate or compare

margins across six distinct market channels:

  • Roadside stand
  • On-farm market
  • Pick your own/U-pick
  • Farmers’ market
  • Community Supported Agriculture
  • Online store/delivery service
  • The On-Farm Processing Recipe Based Costing Tool allows users  to analyze the impact of changes in recipe, ingredient costs or packaging size on product margin for value added products such as baked goods, preserves etc.
  • The Cost of Meat Processing Tool allows users to calculate the cost of meat processing per meat product by summarizing the costs of animal transport, slaughter, further processing into cuts transport cost for meat pickup.

The Business Management Unit of the Agriculture Development Branch has worked with University of Guelph staff to develop this information resource.

This project was funded through Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Contact: Carl Fletcher, Strategic Business Planning Program Lead, carl.fletcher@ontario.ca

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